Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Great Genealogy Day

I made a great find today!  I have been hoping to discover my father's great grandmother's maiden name for a while now.  Matilda Tillie UNKNOWN Dingler Murphy.  I wrote about her a few weeks back.  I found her in another family tree today on Ancestry.com.  I had not looked clearly at the 1880 census record that I had for her and John Dingler and their daughter Lettie.  Tillie's parents lived with them in Kensington!  James and Martha Ferguson (or Furgeson, I've seen it spelled both ways now).  I can' believe I hadn't seen it sooner that another family lived with them.  I am guessing that it was actually James' home, but for whatever reason The Dingler's are listed first.

1880 Census
 This has lead me to locate her with her family in previous censuses.  Martha and James are both from Ireland.  I am not sure how I will make out finding them there, but time will tell!  For now I am happy with Matilda Tillie FERGUSON Dingler Murphy!

Lettie Mae Black and Samuel Raynor Robinson Wedding Photo

This is a wedding picture from My Grandmom and Grandpop Robinson's Wedding Day.  They were married on September 12th of 1923 in Philadelphia.  I have a version of this photo, hanging in my dining room, without the Maid of Honor and Best Man in it.  I am not too sure who they are.  My Dad and I think that the maid may be my Grandmom's Best friend, Margaret Esmond, but in the pictures that we have of her, she is older, so it's hard to tell.  I have no clue about him, I'll have to ask my Aunt.  The happy couple are Lettie Mae Black and Samuel Raynor Robinson.  The flower girl is Lettie's niece, Grace Mae Miller (Hughes).  She is the daughter of Lettie's sister, Eurella Black Miller.  She and her husband, Albert lived behind my childhood home in Trevose.  I am told that he built that house and the house around the corner that their son Albert and his family still live in, along with another house nearby for another of their children (that I don't know).  I had a picture taken on my wedding day with this and a picture of my Mom's parents in the background.  I love both pictures!