Monday, January 30, 2012

Talented Tuesday: The House that Grandpop Robinson Built

I come from a family full of tradesman.  My father started as a bricklayer, later added roofing to his repertoire and now operates as a general contractor.  His father, Samuel Raynor Robinson, was a bricklayer and builder, as well.  My brothers, uncles, cousins and great-grandfathers also work(ed) in the building trades.  Today, I have an example of my Grandpop's work to share.  He grew up in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.  After he married my grandmother, Lettie Mae, he bought some property out in the Fox Chase area and built a house for his family.

The house that Grandpop built in Fox Chase, about 1930
This is a picture of the house from my Grandmom's scrapbook.  It was taken around 1930ish.  Unfortunately, something "funny" happened with the bank and my Grandparents lost this house and ended up moving back to the Kensington/Port Richmond area before my father was born, but my aunts and uncles all lived in this house.

In the 1930 census, I found my grandaparents and my eldest uncle, Sam, living in this home.  It was the only house on the street.  There was an address in the census, so, my Dad and I decided to take a drive to try to locate it.  The problem was that when I mapped the address, 257 Roslyn St in Abington Township, there wasn't an exact match.  After staring at a map for a while and chatting with my Dad (He'd been by the house a few times over the years), we figured out that the road was now called Roseland Avenue in Rockledge and made a plan to go check it out.  We drove around a bit and successfully located the house, not only had the street changed names, but the number was different, as well!
The House that Grandpop Built, 2010
I tried to get a picture from roughly the same angle as the old picture.  It was really nice to see how well the house was cared for and that it's no longer the lonely house on the street!
The House that Grandpop built, 2010, looking loved.
Roughly 80 years old, this house is a job well done by Sam Robinson.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Elmer J Black and Alberta M Franks

I found this last year.  It's the Marriage Record for my Dad's aunt and uncle.  Elmer was his Mom's (Lettie Mae Black) brother.  I remember Aunt Bert and Uncle Elmer, he died in 1989 and Aunt Bert died in 1999.  They didn't have an easy life, 5 of their 6 children died before they did.  I remember spending time with them when we would visit my grandparents.  They were both very sweet!
Date and Place of Marriage:
Sept 30, 1928, 5 PM
Wilmington, NC (New Castle), Del

Full Name:  Elmer J Black
Present Residence:  Phil, Pa
Age at Last Birthday: 22
Color or Race: White
Occupation:  Mechanic
Nativity: State or Country: Pa
Single, Widowed or Divorced: Single is marked.
Groom's Father, Nativity: Mervyn, Pa
Groom's Mother, Nativity: Lettie M, Pa
Number of Groom's Marriage: First

Full Name:  Alberta M Franks
Present Residence: Dover, Del
Age at last Birthday: 21
Color or Race: White
Nativity: Pa
Single, Widowed, Divorced: Single is marked.
Bride's Maiden Name is widowed or divorced:
Bride's Father, Nativity:  Francis J, Pa
Bride's Mother, Nativity: Mary, Pa
Number of Bride's Marriage: First

Minister signature: Abram S Woodard, Minister
Residence: Wil, NC, Del

Jas F Dingler, Phila, Pa
Anna M Dingler, ""

Filed: Oct 2 1928, Signed by Resistrar, Fred F Armstrong
The witnesses are a relation of some sort, as they share a last name with Elmer's mother, who was born Lettie Mae Dingler.  They may have been Lettie's brother and Sister-in-law.  However, I have him as Walter James Ferguson Dingler, but he may have gone by James (his WWI Draft registration leave out the Walter and Ferguson.  Ferguson was his mother's maiden name.