Saturday, January 15, 2011

World War I Draft Card: Rocco Angelo Parlante

It's a bit hard to read, but great anyway!  Rocco was my husband's Great Grandfather.  Not that he ever knew him.  He died when My Mother-in-law was quite young. This was Nana's Dad!  His wife was Angelina Marrone.

I LOVE his name, it's just wonderful!  He was born in Bisenti, Italy on April 21st, 1880.  Bisenti is near the sea, on the eastern side of Italy, kind of across from Rome.

He was a musician and worked for The Stanley Company.  He worked in an orchestra that would play in the theater while silent movies were playing.

They lived on Moore Street in what I'm guessing is South Philly.  There is a lot more to be told about Rocco, but I'm focusing on this Draft record, for now!