Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fearless Females: Day 6: Heirloom, Granny's Ring

Describe an heirloom you may have inherited from a female ancestor (wedding ring or other jewelry, china, clothing, etc.) If you don’t have any, then write about a specific object you remember from your mother or grandmother, or aunt (a scarf, a hat, cooking utensil, furniture, etc.)

I have inherited many beautiful things from my mother.  When she and my father moved, right after I got married, she passed along quite a few pieces of her furniture.  I have her very old china cabinet and buffet in my dining room.  I believe she acquired them when they had their vacation home in Ventnor, NJ.  I also have a lovely set of Amber Patrician Depression glass that she collected over the years.  I have enough to serve about 20 people!

However, when I first read this prompt, I immediately thought of my Granny's beautiful sapphire and diamond ring that my mother gave to me on my wedding day.  I knew that it was going to be mine.  My sister got Granny's engagement ring on her wedding day and my mom told me I would get the anniversary ring.  I absolutely love it.  I was 30 when I was married and I remember having asked her, years before, "What if I never get married, then when do I get the ring?"  It's a good thing Chris wanted to marry me, because the answer was that I wouldn't get it! 

The photo doesn't do it justice, but that's it.  My grandfather, Zigmunt, gave it to my Granny, Helen, on their first anniversary.  I get the impression that he was a very sweet and sentimental man.  My Mother had a framed hanky in her bedroom that on which he had written a cute poem for my Granny.  Plus, I've come across many other sweet little notes and cards from him.  So, this ring was purchased in about 1933.  I really need to take it to the jewelers to have the shank strengthened, it's very thin. So, I don't wear it a whole lot, just on special occasions.  But, I absolutely adore it!

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