Thursday, March 24, 2011


I am so jealous!  My brother-in-law, Rick Lee, has this great family wheel.  It traces his family back to the 1500's in England.  His 12th great grandfather, Sir James Prescott, was a Knight in Standish, England.  He lived from about 1510 to 1583.  It's pretty well detailed, some are mising dates, but the mother's maiden names are there, it's pretty complete.  He had it copied a few months back so that I could add his family to our tree, but I just got around to really looking at it.

This is the crest that is drawn on the wheel, I found a digital version online...looks a lot like this, a little less detailed.

Sir James' Great Grandson, John Prescott (who was a founder of New England) of Massachusetts had "one son was Jonas P (b 1648) whose son was Benj P who was the father of Col. Wm Prescott (b Feb 20 1726 - d 1795) who commanded at the battle of Bunker Hill in the American Revolution of 1776   Wm H Prescott  His Historian was his grandson"

And so, even though it's not my direct family, I will share some other information that I have found in future posts.  It's fascinating!


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