Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Angelo Rex, Samuel and Rex Patrick Riccardi

Angelo Rex Riccardi (1901-1953)
Samuel Riccardi (1893-1973)
Rex Patrick Riccardi (1939-2003)
Holy Cross Cemetery, Yeadon, PA

A Rex Riccardi is my husband's maternal grandfather.
Samuel Riccardi is A Rex's older brother.
Rex Patrick is A Rex's son, my Mother-in-law's Brother.


  1. Mrs Rueblinger. Thanks for posting the additional comment about Rex Patrick. I am a bit puzzled. The Rex Patrick Riccardi I knew in 1953 was a big robust football player. The dates for the life of "your" Rex Patrick show he would have been only 14 years old in the autumn of 1953. I have contacted his roommate who confirms the name and the relationship with Angelo Rex. Rex Patrick (Ric) and I were ushers at his wedding and he is going to try to learn more. He may know your mother in law. He tried years ago to get in touch with "our" Ric but had no success. Any other information that might solve this mystery would be appreciated.
    All this was triggered by a new book out by a "Ricky Riccardi" about Louis Armstrong (What a Wonderful World). "Our" Ric was a great lover of jazz and had boxes of 78rpm records,including many by Louis Armstrong. I sensed a connection but it may just be a huge coincidence.

    By the way, I recall dating in the summer of 1954 a cousin (or other relative) of Rex Patrick (Ric) who lived with her family out in West Philadelphia. I (at my age) just can't remember her name but she was a very sweet and beautiful girl. We used to go to a local neighborhood tavern and sit in the back/family room and work crosswords. I think I took her to the movie "Raintree County" in downtown Philadelphia on a date. If there is a way we can exchange emails safely so we can pursue this mystery let me know.

    Edward Donohue

  2. Mrs. Rueblinger

    Thinking about this a bit, it would seem that your mother in law's maiden name was "Lynn Riccardi" and she married a Mr. Rueblinger. I wonder if she is alive and can tell us more about her brother "Ric" Rex Patrick. Perhaps your husband can tell us more about his uncle "Ric" Rex Patrick Riccardi. Anything I can learn about his life and interests would be helpful.
    Edward Donohue