Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Elmer J Black and Alberta M Franks

I found this last year.  It's the Marriage Record for my Dad's aunt and uncle.  Elmer was his Mom's (Lettie Mae Black) brother.  I remember Aunt Bert and Uncle Elmer, he died in 1989 and Aunt Bert died in 1999.  They didn't have an easy life, 5 of their 6 children died before they did.  I remember spending time with them when we would visit my grandparents.  They were both very sweet!
Date and Place of Marriage:
Sept 30, 1928, 5 PM
Wilmington, NC (New Castle), Del

Full Name:  Elmer J Black
Present Residence:  Phil, Pa
Age at Last Birthday: 22
Color or Race: White
Occupation:  Mechanic
Nativity: State or Country: Pa
Single, Widowed or Divorced: Single is marked.
Groom's Father, Nativity: Mervyn, Pa
Groom's Mother, Nativity: Lettie M, Pa
Number of Groom's Marriage: First

Full Name:  Alberta M Franks
Present Residence: Dover, Del
Age at last Birthday: 21
Color or Race: White
Nativity: Pa
Single, Widowed, Divorced: Single is marked.
Bride's Maiden Name is widowed or divorced:
Bride's Father, Nativity:  Francis J, Pa
Bride's Mother, Nativity: Mary, Pa
Number of Bride's Marriage: First

Minister signature: Abram S Woodard, Minister
Residence: Wil, NC, Del

Jas F Dingler, Phila, Pa
Anna M Dingler, ""

Filed: Oct 2 1928, Signed by Resistrar, Fred F Armstrong
The witnesses are a relation of some sort, as they share a last name with Elmer's mother, who was born Lettie Mae Dingler.  They may have been Lettie's brother and Sister-in-law.  However, I have him as Walter James Ferguson Dingler, but he may have gone by James (his WWI Draft registration leave out the Walter and Ferguson.  Ferguson was his mother's maiden name.


  1. How sad that they lost most of their children before they passed. I've always said that kids (regardless of age) should just not die before their parents.

    Love reading your posts, Becky!

  2. It is sad, and all to cancer if I remember correctly. When my Dad was telling me that, I wondered if something was up there?! They always seemed super sweet to me.