Monday, January 24, 2011

Andy Riccardi - Brother of A. Rex Riccardi

Here's an article that I came across that mentions my Mom-in-law's Uncle Andy and her father.  It discusses a union dispute of which I do not yet know the outcome.  However, I like it because it mentions the Riccardis and it tells me what Andy did for a living.  He was a Bass player in an Orchestra.  Also, it gives A. Rex Riccardi's title, "Executive Assistant".  He was the American Federation of Musicians President's right hand man!  Could this family have more musicians?!  Just you wait and see!


  1. That is truly an interesting article! It's also cool that it was published in the paper! I love stuff like this!

  2. Good Day,
    Back in 1953 while at the University of Pennsylvania I became friendly with "Ric" Riccardi, son of A. Rex Riccardi. He played football his freshman year than transferred to a Florida University to play football there. I later saw him at David Lenoue's wedding but have not seen or heard of him in years. Can you put me in touch with him?
    Is the Ricky Riccardi who wrote the book on Louis Armstrong "What a Wonderful World" a relative?

    Edward Donohue
    Univ of Pennsylvania '57