Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rocco Angelo Parlante WWI Draft Card

WWI Draft Card, September 12, 1918
This is the WWI Draft card for my husband's Great Grandfather, Rocco Angelo Parlante(1880 - 1950).  He was his Nana's father.

It's full of good information.  It gives his address at the time, 830 Moore Street in Philadelphia.  His full birthdate is listed, April 21, 1880.  It states that he was a Naturalized citizen (He was from Italy). 

Of course his occupation is musician!  He worked for The Stanley Company.  He played in an orchestra in the Earle Theater on Market Street.  The orchestra would play during the silent movies.  His wife is there, Angelina.  I love that his signature is right there!  He is described as being of medium height, stout build, blue eyes, and light hair.

Rocco Angelo Parlante
1880 - 1950

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