Saturday, January 22, 2011

Antonio Riccardi's Candy Store - Today

I am researching my Grandfather-in-law, A Rex Riccardi, today.  While trying to hunt down where he lived with his parents and family when the 1920 census was taken, I googled their address from 1930.  This was when Rex's father, Antonio, owned and operated a candy store.  Well, this is a picture from 2009 of the location.  The property is located at Passyunk and Montrose.  I "walked around" a bit using street view and I would guess that the store front was on Passyunk.  It was a corner store but has since had the front on Passyunk bricked up.  Now it looks to me like it's a residence with access from Montrose.
This is the view from Passyunk...looks like the logical store front to me.

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