Monday, January 17, 2011

Matilda "Tillie" Dingler Murphy

Tillie was my Paternal 2nd Great Grandmother.  She was born in Ocober of 1859.  She was my father's (Raynor Robinson), mother's (Lettie Mae Black), mother's (Lettie Mae Dingler) Mother.  Can you follow that?

I am unsure of Tillie’s maiden name.  The first record that I’ve found of her is the 1880 census.  She was married to John H Dingler by this point.  They had a daughter named Lettie Mae (Letta in the census record).  John was a police officer for the city.  They resided at 2314 Commerce Street.

Unfortunately, most of the 1890 census was destroyed in a fire, so I am unable to locate them there!

They lived at 2508 Moyer Street in 1900 and at this point Lettie was married and no longer living with them.  Elmer and James lived at home; they were 12 and 15 working as laborers at a pottery company.

In 1910, Tillie lived at 2328 E. Firth Street alone with a boarder (Charles Miller).  Her husband John lived with his parents.  John is listed as single in the 1910 census and Tillie is listed as widowed.  I think it was common for women to be listed as widowed when they were divorced!  Why did they divorce??

John passed away in 1914, from a self inflicted gun shot wound to the head.   Death certificate also says “suicide while temp deranged”.   At the time that John died, Tillie and John lived at 2634 Jeanney St.  Did they get back together since 1910!?  Tillie remarried in 1918 to William Murphy.

In 1920, Tillie and William lived at 2639 Aramingo Avenue.  William was 11 years younger than Tillie.  He was a boilermaker at the shipyard.  They rented this home.  My Dad tells me that boilermaker's were big drinkers...hence the drink name!!

In 1930, Tillie and William owned a home at 2435 Ann Street.

I look forward to the release of the 1940 census, some time next year!  Hopefully I will find them there!

All along, Matilda’s parents are listed as being from Ireland.  I need to find the marriage certificate for her and John Dingler in the hopes of finding her maiden name.

My Dad and Aunt Norma have told stories of Tillie living or visiting with Lettie Mae and Mervyn (Mom and Pop Black) on Aramingo Avenue.

My Dad guesses that she died around 1944, but I am unsure.  I cannot locate a death certificate.

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